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US Tour 2024

Thursday, February 15, 2024


La gira "90's Pop Tour USA 2024" promete un espectáculo impresionante en Estados Unidos. Presentará a renombrados artistas de la década, incluyendo a Magneto, JNS, Sentidos Opuestos, Kabah, Caló, Moenia, Lynda, GB5, y MDO. La gira abarcará varias ciudades estadounidenses durante febrero y marzo de 2024, con un total de 6 emocionantes fechas.



The "90's Pop Tour USA 2024" tour promises a spectacular show in the United States. It will feature renowned artists from the decade, including Magneto, JNS, Sentidos Opuestos, Kabah, Caló, Moenia, Lynda, GB5, y MDO. The tour will span several American cities during February and March 2024, with a total of 6 exciting dates.

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In order to reduce contact with guest belongings and expedite entry into Smart Financial Centre, Small clutch bags or purses do not have to be clear but cannot exceed 4.5″x6.5". Clear bags should not exceed 12"x6"x12". Medical or parenting bags are permitted at the venue and will be addressed on a case by case basis and subject to search. Click here for full details about the bag policy.

Children ages 2 & up must have a ticket.

Seat 1 in Section 105 is NOT an aisle seat. High-numbered end seats in 101 are NOT aisle seats.

Seats in the ADA section, labeled WC are removable cushioned folding chairs.

Sections 101 and 105 start on the floor and elevate up to the 2nd floor.