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Ticketmaster Ticket Entry

Important information for entry with Ticketmaster tickets:

ATG Tickets is now the primary ticketing for all Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land events. Tickets that were purchased previously through Ticketmaster will be valid for entry on the day of the show.

Customers who purchased through Ticketmaster will need to access your tickets from your Ticketmaster My Account on the day of the show. If you’ve already saved your tickets to your Apple wallet or Google Pay, please delete them as they are no longer valid. After you delete them, you can then re-save them to your wallet, generating a valid QR code.

Please note that ticket transfer is no longer available from your Ticketmaster account.
Customers who purchased through ATG Tickets can access their eTicket that was delivered to the email address used for the purchase. Please present the eTicket on your mobile device for entry.